Vista Restaurants & Beverage

Looking for a great place to eat… or taste some of Vista’s world-class craft brews, wines and spirits?  Here’s a list to get started!

Business NameWebsite/AddressPhone NumberBusiness Type
Chicos Panaderia1110 N Santa Fe Ave Ste D(760) 631-1460Bakery Shop/Routes
Los Reyes Tortilleria218 Main St(760) 941-5041Bakery Shop/Routes
Pam's Donuts And Yogurt510 Hacienda Dr 109-110(760) 940-1989Bakery Shop/Routes
Frogys Donuts602 E Vista Way A(760) 758-7779Bakery Shop/Routes
Diamond Donuts730 Sycamore Ave F(760) 598-9958Bakery Shop/Routes
Yum Yum Donut Franchise924 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 726-1391Bakery Shop/Routes
Smitty's Downtown119 E Broadway(760) 724-0510Beer, Wine & Spirits
Bear Roots Brewing Company1213 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 295-8599Beer, Wine & Spirits
Dogleg Brewing Co.1347 Keystone Way A(760) 295-0402Beer, Wine & Spirits
Local Roots Kombucha1495 Poinsettia Ave # 148-149(760) 295-1949Beer, Wine & Spirits
Melrose Wine & Spirits, Inc.2215 S Melrose Dr 109(760) 598-8333Beer, Wine & Spirits
Battlemage Brewing Company2870 Scott St 102(760) 216-6425Beer, Wine & Spirits
2Plank Vineyards 295-6612Beer, Wine & Spirits
Aztec Brewing Company 598-7720Beer, Wine & Spirits
Booze Brothers Brewing Co. 295-0217Beer, Wine & Spirits
Ebullition Brew Works 842-1046Beer, Wine & Spirits
Misadventure & Co. 216-6930Beer, Wine & Spirits
Wavelength Brewing Company 820-9283Beer, Wine & Spirits
Beach Grease Beer Co. 295-7984Beer, Wine & Spirits
Belching Beaver Brewery 703-0433Beer, Wine & Spirits
Brooking Vineyards 689-0160Beer, Wine & Spirits
Eppig Brewing 295-2009Beer, Wine & Spirits
Five Suits Brewing 278-3483Beer, Wine & Spirits
Guadalupe Brewery 302-3377Beer, Wine & Spirits
Helia Brewing Company 216-6023Beer, Wine & Spirits
Latitude 33 Brewing Company 616-9470Beer, Wine & Spirits
Twisted Horn Mead & Cider 295-5888Beer, Wine & Spirits
117° West Spirits 597-8985Beer, Wine & Spirits
Jim's Vista Lounge1587 E Vista Way(760) 941-3063Beer, Wine & Spirits
Scotland Yard - The Pub837 Williamston St(760) 941-2072Beer, Wine & Spirits
Liv’s Kafe1281 N Santa Fe Ave # Z(760) 295-1374Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #100081385 E Vista Way 101(760) 726-0687Cafe/Coffee Shops
Subway #455951461 N Santa Fe Av 101(760) 630-3000Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #23194170 N Emerald Dr(760) 310-5870Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #232621850 University Dr(760) 945-9650Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #148372205 S Melrose Dr(760) 598-0648Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #5838251 S Melrose Dr 301(760) 806-8110Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #667630 Main St 190(760) 806-1103Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #11339790 Sycamore Ave A(760) 598-8428Cafe/Coffee Shops
Black Rock Coffee Bar823 E Vista Way(760) 936-3751Cafe/Coffee Shops
Java Hut Drive Thru949 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 712-6418Cafe/Coffee Shops
Starbucks Coffee #25770991 Civic Center Dr(442) 204-4287Cafe/Coffee Shops
Cat & Craft 295-1181Cafe/Coffee Shops
Wedding Day Catering, Inc.1050 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 631-1457Catering
Flavor Chef Catering1175 Park Center Dr Ste F(619) 916-8360Catering
Divine Fresh @ Wedding Day Catering Inc1350 E Vista Way 8(760) 727-2212Catering
Contaritos Chapala210 Cedar Rd #602(760) 390-6745Catering
Nono's Craft Barbecue2515 Pioneer Ave(805) 205-4091Catering
The Allicater @ S A E Kitchen2515 Pioneer Ave(442) 333-5861Catering
Sae Kitchen2515 Pioneer Ave 5(619) 851-2904Catering
El Burrito Catering365 Olive Ave(760) 630-0090Catering
Kona Ice Little San Diego365 Olive Ave(858) 275-3075Catering
Rue Kitchen900 N Citrus Ave # 27(760) 349-2945Catering
Smokey Jake's Bbq 440-5475Catering
Isaac's Catering 931-0267Catering
Rio Catering @ Sae Kitchen 917-3395Catering
Thumbs Up, Llc @S A E Kitchen 709-0626Catering
Boba Hut & Deli1680 S Melrose Dr # 101B(760) 224-5848Delicatessen
Hungry Bear Deli, Inc.2205 S Melrose Dr 103(760) 295-2295Delicatessen
The Yellow Deli315 E Broadway(760) 631-1888Delicatessen
Perfectsubs3231 Business Park Dr 4(760) 727-1268Delicatessen
Big Jim's 395 Grill777 E Vista Way 204(760) 685-4897Delicatessen
Franciscos Mexican Deli821 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 724-0045Delicatessen
Que Tortas828 N Santa Fe Ave C(760) 295-3642Delicatessen
Tropical Juices And Deli 598-7039Delicatessen
Rocco's Pizza And Deli 597-7036Delicatessen
Carmelita's Snack1275 S Santa Fe Ave 110(760) 940-5257Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Yaya's1450 N Santa Fe Ave N(760) 536-3523Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Coldstone #25430 Main St Ste 120(760) 758-8805Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Fruttos Yogurt347 Vista Village Dr 104(760) 945-1107Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Chipis Ice Cream365 Olive Ave(760) 214-5711Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Banana Split Ice Cream Shop376 Vista Village Dr C(760) 847-4167Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Coco Nutrition423 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 213-3817Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Baskin-Robbins550 Hacienda Dr Ste 102(760) 630-1031Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
La Famosa - La Michoacana906 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 659-6494Ice Cream Store/Routes/Tr
Jack In The Box #30821004 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 758-3082Quick Serve
Dairy Queen Santa Fe1031 S Santa Fe Ave A(760) 758-5301Quick Serve
Del Taco L L C #2131037 E Bobier Dr(760) 940-8226Quick Serve
Little Caesars Pizza1041 E Vista Way(760) 941-2880Quick Serve
Frank's Mexican Grill122 W California Ave(760) 758-5980Quick Serve
Taqueria La Takiza1234 N Santa Fe Ave 119(760) 414-1494Quick Serve
Pizza Hut # 299931289 E Vista Way(760) 726-3200Quick Serve
Mc Donalds 127911470 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 630-7648Quick Serve
Two Brothers From Italy1651 S Melrose Dr C(760) 599-0088Quick Serve
Junior's Taco Shop1680 S Melrose Dr 110(760) 727-3366Quick Serve
Eriberto's Mexican Food1805 Hacienda Dr(760) 726-0665Quick Serve
Yogurt Giant & Deli1817 W Vista Way E(760) 758-2361Quick Serve
Colima's Mexican Food1850 Hacienda Dr 22(760) 945-6585Quick Serve
Subway #440351906 Hacienda Dr(760) 806-4823Quick Serve
Panda Express, Inc. #73820 Main St 160(760) 806-3880Quick Serve
Niko's2440 S Melrose Dr 100(760) 599-7223Quick Serve
Subway #367562440 S Melrose Dr 101(760) 597-9398Quick Serve
Tolin's Taco's @Mr. A's Liquor & Deli252 Vista Village Dr(760) 758-9484Quick Serve
Jack In The Box #3029260 S Melrose Dr(760) 940-8255Quick Serve
Hello Deli2820 La Mirada Dr A(760) 598-1055Quick Serve
Panda Express #1262316 Sycamore Ave(760) 945-9887Quick Serve
Taco Bell #315143271 Business Park Dr(760) 727-5912Quick Serve
Jack In The Box #30323281 Business Park Dr(760) 734-1816Quick Serve
Acropolis Greek Grill3295 Business Park Dr D(760) 599-9959Quick Serve
Subway #44359510 Hacienda Dr 101A(760) 630-6031Quick Serve
Rosa's Kitchen Mexican Food Inc.530 Hacienda Dr 102(760) 726-4274Quick Serve
Jilbertos Taco Shop573 W Vista Way G(760) 643-2245Quick Serve
Carl's Jr. #1390660 Hacienda Dr(760) 732-0605Quick Serve
La Casa De Los Alambres777 Shadowridge Dr(760) 597-0525Quick Serve
Jack In The Box #55815 E Vista Way(760) 758-2146Quick Serve
Oscar's Mexican Food822 E Vista Way(760) 945-3736Quick Serve
Mc Donalds 1959827 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 724-2728Quick Serve
Kentucky Fried Chicken #X610229840 E Vista Way(760) 941-1295Quick Serve
Panda Wok904 S Santa Fe Ave(442) 224-7378Quick Serve
Taco Bell 17788910 E Vista Way(760) 631-3655Quick Serve
Subway #2209950 E Vista Way F(760) 726-2344Quick Serve
Filiberto's Mexican Food960 E Vista Way(760) 732-5880Quick Serve
In N Out Burger #61 786-1000Quick Serve
La Gordita Mexican Food 941-1559Quick Serve
Pepper Tree Frosty Llc 726-0732Quick Serve
Chipotle Mexican Grill (04-0621) 639-0529Quick Serve
Ohana Hawaiian B B Q 643-1226Quick Serve
Paleteria La Mixteca / La Mixteca Inc 639-0896Quick Serve
Palomar Pizza 727-5559Quick Serve
Sonic Drive-In 940-9900Quick Serve
Marco Italian Restaurant1825 E Vista Way(760) 758-1870Restaurant
Albertacos Mexican Food, Inc.601 Sycamore Ave(760) 598-6047Restaurant
Mama's & Papa's Pizza Grotto 941-3900Restaurant
Stagecoach Inn1865 W Vista Way(760) 724-9090Restaurant
Timeout Cafe1011 S Santa Fe Ave A-B(760) 630-4300Restaurant
Domino's Pizza #77321021 E Bobier Dr(760) 940-0904Restaurant
Del Taco #13051037 E Bobier Dr(760) 940-8226Restaurant
Pupusas El Chapin1072 E Vista Way(760) 757-2095Restaurant
Taverna Mediterraneon Cousine Llc1072 E Vista Way(760) 536-3164Restaurant
Tom's No. 24 Restaurant1110 Sycamore Ave(760) 727-4077Restaurant
Giant New York Pizza1250 S Santa Fe Ave E(760) 724-5111Restaurant
Tasty Pho1250 S Santa Fe Ave K(760) 631-5900Restaurant
Cemitas Fandanguero1275 S Santa Fe Ave 103(760) 940-1582Restaurant
Bombay Cafe1280 E Vista Way 4(760) 630-6611Restaurant
Playa Azul Restaurant1281 N Santa Fe Ave X & Y(760) 941-4522Restaurant
Chili Coast Burgers1330 E Vista Way 1(760) 726-1187Restaurant
Cocina Del Carmen1350 E Vista Way 8(760) 295-3311Restaurant
Coyote Cafe1450 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 758-8724Restaurant
Las Pupusas Mama Lita1450 N Santa Fe Ave E(760) 941-9197Restaurant
La Gordy's Taco Shop1450 N Santa Fe Ave R(760) 945-3930Restaurant
Pizzamaniac1461 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 945-9901Restaurant
Little Mexico1461 N Santa Fe Ave # 102(760) 726-9990Restaurant
Taco Bar Inc.1461 N Santa Fe Ave 102(760) 726-9990Restaurant
Jack In The Box #30191471 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 630-4895Restaurant
Chef Tang1580 S Melrose Dr 106(760) 597-9900Restaurant
Taqueria Chabelita1587 E Vista Way C(760) 295-4282Restaurant
Andreas D Best Pizza1591 E Vista Way Suite D(760) 295-5803Restaurant
Ho Won Express1611 S Melrose Dr O(858) 367-9839Restaurant
Del Taco #12521650 S Melrose Dr(760) 659-6533Restaurant
Truphilly Steak1680 S Melrose Dr 101(760) 536-3367Restaurant
Pizza Pal1680 S Melrose Dr 101A(760) 477-7300Restaurant
Wasabi Japanese Cuisine1688 S Melrose Dr 212(760) 727-8090Restaurant
Valerie's Taco Shop170 N Emerald Dr 3(760) 941-8381Restaurant
Rubio's Baja Grill #391711 University Dr 110(760) 724-5341Restaurant
Kokage1711 University Dr 130(442) 224-3133Restaurant
Thai Thai Restaurant1717 E Vista Way # 101/102(760) 643-9333Restaurant
El Asadero Restaurant1717 E Vista Way 106(760) 631-7411Restaurant
Carl's Jr. Restaurant1790 University Dr 648(760) 414-9596Restaurant
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen1817 W Vista Way F(760) 732-3405Restaurant
Erika's Mexican Food & Seafood Inc.1851 W Vista Way(760) 941-7991Restaurant
Las Brisas Mexican Cuisine1910 Shadowridge Dr 106(760) 599-7121Restaurant
New Sun Hing Buffett, L L C1960 Hacienda Dr(760) 806-3586Restaurant
Poki Poki20 Main St H-150(760) 295-5665Restaurant
Prohibition Brewing Company2012 E Vista Way(760) 295-3525Restaurant
Pizza Xpress Vista2020 Hacienda Dr Ste #R(760) 806-6463Restaurant
California's Mexican Restaurant2147 E Vista Way(760) 630-8511Restaurant
The Original Mr. Taco Fresh Mexican Grill2215 S Melrose Dr # 106-107(760) 727-7311Restaurant
Dog Haus Biergarten227 E Broadway(760) 536-3544Restaurant
Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks240 S Melrose Dr(760) 631-1535Restaurant
Jose's Taco #22440 S Melrose Dr 103(760) 598-8300Restaurant
Curbside Cafe307 Main St(760) 630-2747Restaurant
Submarina L B W320 Sycamore Ave 40(760) 631-5600Restaurant
Brewed Vista324 Main St(760) 842-5002Restaurant
Mexico Viejo Mexican Food3265 Business Park Dr B(760) 727-2455Restaurant
Ichiban Ramen & Sushi3265C Business Park Dr(760) 597-4015Restaurant
Havana Treats376 Vista Village Dr Unit A(760) 536-3387Restaurant
Burger King #13580377 Vista Village Dr(760) 940-8406Restaurant
Aguacates Mexican Food435 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 758-2560Restaurant
The Original Pancake House435 S Melrose Dr(760) 758-3441Restaurant
Pho-Ever485 S Melrose Dr 106(760) 630-3837Restaurant
Zappy Pizza510 Hacienda Dr 105(760) 643-1116Restaurant
Wingstop510 Hacienda Dr 114(760) 414-9464Restaurant
Denny's Resaurant 7892540 W Vista Way(760) 806-0081Restaurant
Wendy's #37850567 W Vista Way(760) 941-4588Restaurant
Domino's Pizza #8300603 Sycamore Ave(760) 727-6300Restaurant
International House Of Pancakes 814632 Sycamore Ave(760) 727-9642Restaurant
Mariscos El Pacifico702 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 630-5834Restaurant
Jack In The Box #3002740 Sycamore Ave(760) 727-4081Restaurant
Los Cabos Mexican And Seafood760 E Vista Way(760) 724-5952Restaurant
Pho Lucky770 Sycamore Ave 118-119(760) 727-2738Restaurant
Uncle Tonys Italian Cuisine770 Sycamore Ave 121(760) 598-6669Restaurant
Armando's Vista, Inc.770 Sycamore Ave L(760) 598-9525Restaurant
Mariscos La Palma777 E Vista Way 206(760) 945-9261Restaurant
Subway #44268790 Sycamore Ave 126(760) 599-4919Restaurant
Taco's Don Paco800 Civic Center Dr F(760) 659-6560Restaurant
Santa Ana Fresh Mexican Food815 N Santa Fe Ave(760) 732-3385Restaurant
Mariscos Rancho Grande825 Williamston St(760) 726-4846Restaurant
Pegah's Kitchen945 S Santa Fe Ave(760) 414-9803Restaurant
Vamos A Texcoco950 E Vista Way H(760) 758-3313Restaurant
Fruity Fruits995 Postal Way 100(760) 978-5987Restaurant
Rafaela's Restaurant995 Postal Way 120 122(760) 536-3730Restaurant
Brooklyn Boyz Pizza 631-7777Restaurant
El Ranchero Restaurant 724-7680Restaurant
Lamppost Pizza/ Backstreet Brewery 407-7600Restaurant
Lemonshark Poke 598-0598Restaurant
Leucadia Pizzeria Shadowridge 727-2223Restaurant
Mom's Kitchen 726-4433Restaurant
Nucci's Italian Cafe Pizza Pas 598-1005Restaurant
Papa Bambino's 599-9995Restaurant
Partake 452-7217Restaurant
Shaks Mediterranean Bistro 720-2233Restaurant
Swami's Vista Llc 216-2985Restaurant
Tabu Sushi 295-1039Restaurant
Thai One On Thai Cuisine 643-1688Restaurant
Urbn Coal Fired L L C 724-8840Restaurant
When Pigs Fly 295-7993Restaurant
Epic Wings 806-9464Restaurant
Chilis 639-1958Restaurant
Chuck E. Cheese's 732-1023Restaurant
Ciao Restaurant 630-7333Restaurant
Coco's 546 758-9340Restaurant
Culichitown 224-7800Restaurant
Five Guys Burgers & Fries 643-2355Restaurant
Knockout Pizzeria 434-4468Restaurant
Chin's Szechwan Vista, Inc. 732-3880Restaurant
Grand Slam Pizza 599-1199Restaurant
Mikko Sushi 842-8001Restaurant
Milk 473-2168Restaurant
Pick Up Stix #768 758-9808Restaurant
Pizza On Tap Inc 630-4105Restaurant
Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill #261 305-1233Restaurant
Sushi On The Edge 599-9982Restaurant
Upper Crust Pizza 941-0082Restaurant
Vista Village Pub 643-1619Restaurant
Pozoleria Dona Elena 270-9412Restaurant
508 Tavern 295-0707Restaurant
The Flame Broiler The Rice Bowl King 842-8771Restaurant
Mrs. Taco Mexican & Seafood 630-4225Restaurant
Pho Guys 560-7257Restaurant
Town Hall Public House 630-4311Restaurant
El Pollo Loco #3492 643-0600Restaurant
Kung Fu Noodle C/O Spicy King 639-1888Restaurant
Lupillozz Pizza 630-9999Restaurant
Oggi's Pizza & Brewhouse Vista 295-3500Restaurant
Water Shack 409-7301Restaurant
Wildwood Crossing 758-1513Restaurant is a free service provided to all Vista, California businesses by the City of Vista.